Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Giraffes, Giraffes, Giraffes

It all started back in February with a pink and purple giraffe for my niece's newborn baby girl. My niece wanted a giraffe for the nursery, and instead of buying one, I decided to find a pattern and make her one. I had really been wanting to get back to my sewing machine, and had always wanted to try my hand a making a stuffed animal.  So off to google search I went looking for a pattern, where I happened upon Funky Friends Factory, and found in my opinion the cutest pattern available. I made the the giraffe now named Shelley the Giraffe (after myself), but as soon as I sent her off, I missed her (I have found after almost a year of making stuffed animals, that I have the unfortunate circumstance of falling absolutely in love with them as soon as they are made). Having enough leftover fleece, I decided the next day to make another exactly like her. I named her Ginger the Giraffe and she is currently on sale for $29.95 at my etsy shop. (Sorry guys she sold, but is can be custom ordered using the custom order button at my etsy shop).

More Giraffes:
As I mentioned, I had sent Shelley the Giraffe to my niece, who lives in the same town as my sister and mother (and well most everyone on my mothers side of the family lives in the same town except me). Everyone loved Shelley the Giraffe! My mother told me 'I want one!', and as Mother's Day was a few months away, I asked if she would like one for Mother's Day. She said she would like a gold and green giraffe for Mother's Day. So off to the fabric store I went, where I picked up some gold, lime green and an off-white fleece. Soon I had made Gerico the Giraffe available for sale at my etsy shop, and Gerry the Giraffe, an off-white giraffe with green spots (not for sale, he belongs to my boyfriend Marc) pictured above with Ginger and Gerico.  Next came Ginger the baby Giraffe  also available for sale at my etsy shop.

So Marc asked me to make his mother a blue and white giraffe as well for Mother's Day and I did. He is pictured below left to right are Gina the baby Giraffe, Marc's mother's giraffe, Ginger, Gerico, my mother's giraffe, and Gerry the Giraffe.... Giraffes, Giraffes, Giraffes

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