Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Along Came A Zebra

So I now had a room full of giraffes, who I loved very much, but I decided I wanted more animals! I went back to the funky friends factory web site and picked three more patterns. Horsey, Larry the Lion and Mitch the Monkey (Watch for the stories of Mitch and Larry AKA Leo,Tigger, Patty and Warrior in future posts).

I had picked up a brown and cream striped faux fur fabric and the fabric store, along with a brown remnant and decided the horsey pattern would make a cute zebra, albeit brown instead of black, and along came Zach the Zebra . Zach is currently available for adoption at Michelle's Zoo on Etsy for an adoption fee of $29.95, just follow the link.

Isn't he just adorabe?! Everyone who saw his picture just loved him, and I certainly do! In my description of Zach on Etsy, I call him a young zebra, because he seems young to me.  He has a little short brown fur mane, and just seems very young, especially compared to his gorgeous brother Zorro, who I will write about in a later post.

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  1. Found your blog/Etsy shop thru Craftaholics Anonymous. Love your work!