Thursday, June 23, 2011

Ellie the Elephant Goes to Dance Class

A sweet new story for Ellie the Pink Elephant. 
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I hope you enjoy her story!

Ellie the Elephant Goes to Dance Class
(for Bricen)

Ellie the pink elephant was a very happy young lady. She loved her very pink bedroom. She loved her mommy and daddy. She even loved her brother, Eli. When Ellie thought about her life, she felt lucky and, well…happy. She really didn’t think her life could be any happier. Then Ellie’s mommy told her that she would be joining dance class! Ellie was happier than she had ever been, which she didn’t think was possible.

The next day was Saturday. Ellie and Mommy were going to the mall. Ellie needed a leotard, tights, dancing shoes, and hair bows. At the dance store, Ellie saw lots of fun colors to choose from. There were black leotards and white leotards and yellow, purple, and blue leotards, even red. Ellie thought and thought. She wasn’t sure about any of the colors. Then she saw exactly the leotard she wanted. It was pink! And of course she chose pink tights and shoes to match.

Now Ellie had to wait a whole week until dance class. Dance class did not start until the following Saturday. But Ellie was okay. She didn’t let waiting make her sad. To help the time go by, Ellie came home from school every day and put on her dance clothes. She practiced dancing in front of the mirror. She practiced posing in front of the mirror.  Then, she practiced bowing in front of the mirror.

“No, no, no” she thought, shaking her head. She started over. She practiced dancing in front of the mirror. She practiced posing in front of the mirror. She practiced…curtseying in front of the mirror. Finally, she practiced throwing kisses and waving to the audience in front of the mirror.

Every day was the same. Ellie came home from school, put on her dance clothes, and practiced. Soon it was Saturday morning.  Ellie happily put on her dance clothes, grabbed her favorite pink water bottle and a pink hand towel, and climbed in the car. As Mommy drove, Ellie watched out the window with a big smile on her face. Ellie was so happy!

After Mommy parked the car at the dance studio, Mommy and Ellie walked inside—hand in hand. Well…Mommy walked. Ellie skipped.

All of the other little girls were already lined up at the bar. There was a place for Ellie near the end of the bar. Ellie took her place, and the teacher began with a warm up. For the next twenty minutes, everything went well. The girls practiced their positions. Then they practiced their pax de deux and their arabesque.

At the end of class, the teacher, Miss Sasha, let the girls have free dance. Ellie waited her turn, then she tried a giant leap with three turns at the end. Ellie was not ready for such a big move. After she leapt and turned twice, she fell right in front of everybody.

The other girls laughed. Ellie’s pink cheeks turned much pinker. She thought about crying, but something way down inside her whispered, “Shrug it off! You’re okay. Just stand up and smile!” So she did just that. She stood up, gave her head a little shake, stretched out her arm and regally waltzed off stage. Everybody clapped. Ellie’s happy spirit had saved the day and made her a star amongst her friends.

And the very next week, when the new little girl fell in front of everybody, Ellie leaned down and whispered, “Shrug it off! You’re okay. Just stand up and smile.”       

By Karen Penry
 May not be duplicated without express consent from the author

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